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Amid the whirlwind of wedding excitement, there’s typically a silent force working behind the scenes, ensuring everything falls seamlessly into place – the bride’s mother. Picture her as the ultimate wedding superhero, blending love, tradition, and a touch of magic to make your special day extraordinary. In this article, we’re pulling back the curtain on the dynamic role these incredible moms play. From pre-wedding preparations to the big day itself, we’ll cover everything you need to know about mother-of-the-bride duties.

Venue selection:

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is always a crucial decision. As the bride, you may appreciate the input and a second set of eyes during venue tours, so venue selection is one of the most essential mother-of-the-bride duties. The mother-of-the-bride can provide feedback, ask insightful questions, and help you consider factors you may not have considered.

Assisting with wedding attire:

Shopping for the wedding dress is a memorable experience and is another top mother-of-the-bride duty. The mother plays a vital role in adding that extra sprinkle of joy and support during the search, going far beyond simply being a shopping buddy or paying for the gown. Your mom knows you best, knows what you like and don’t like, can read you, and has your best interest at heart, so she will play a pivotal role when you shop for a wedding dress. She can help you navigate the sea of endless gowns to find the one that suits you and your wedding vision best. And she’ll also help you manage your emotions, making the experience more enjoyable.

Organizing the guest list and seating arrangements:

If you’re inviting family far and wide, your mom may have insight into which relatives should make the list. She can also assist with seating arrangements with her knowledge of familial relationships and history, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and comfortable during the reception.

Incorporating family traditions and heirlooms:

There’s no one more fitting than Mom to help incorporate family traditions and heirlooms into your wedding. These traditions can be incorporated into the ceremony, reception, or even pre-/post-wedding celebrations, adding a personal touch to the wedding. Additionally, she can offer heirlooms for “something old” or “something borrowed,” completing your wedding day look.

Hosting or co-hosting your bridal shower:

Mother-of-the-bride duties extend beyond planning the wedding; one task she often takes on is planning or co-planning and hosting the bridal shower. This pre-wedding celebration is a heartfelt opportunity for the bride’s closest friends and family to gather and shower her with love, gifts and well wishes. From selecting a venue and coordinating invitations, to curating a theme and organizing games, your mom will help to create an intimate and memorable atmosphere for you and your loved ones. The wedding day

Assisting with pre-ceremony preparations:

Mother-of-the-bride duties take on a whole new level of importance on the wedding day. Besides helping with any last-minute details, she’ll also play a pivotal role in some of the day’s most heartfelt moments, starting from early morning preparations when you and your bridal party get dressed. You’ll want your mom there to enjoy breakfast with the girls, sip mimosas and, most importantly, help put on your wedding dress and veil. It will be a moment Mother-Daughter won’t soon forget.  You may want her to join you for a morning of relaxation, enjoying breakfast or sipping mimosas with her and the bridesmaids.

Being the point person for vendors:

If you haven’t hired a wedding coordinator or don’t fully trust anyone else with this responsibility, mother-of-the-bride duties may extend to being the point person for vendors on the wedding day. She can be the primary contact for florists, caterers, entertainers, photographers, and other vendors. Just remember to provide her with all the necessary details in advance to ensure a seamless execution of your dream wedding.


Age-old mother-of-the-bride duties dictate that she fulfill the role of hostess during the reception. She should take time to greet and welcome guests, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and included. She may also want or need to help guests find their seats, be part of the receiving line, and give a speech ... and here's to your AMAZING wedding day!

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