30 Aug

Here is a list of some of the pros and cons and thoughts of hiring a DJ versus playing a Spotify playlist for one of the most important days of your life.

Hire A Wedding DJ?


•Splurging on an experienced DJ is better than having an unprepared DJ.

•Knowing what song to play for the biggest positive outcome. This only comes from experience.

•As an example, an experienced DJ knows from the time guests arrive through the meal is a gold mine of information as to the style of music guests prefer. The music played helps DJs determine what songs are guests bobbing their heads to, tapping their toes to, and lip-syncing to.

•A party’s biggest failure during the reception’s party time is emptying the dance floor. DJs think 3 songs ahead to keep the dance floor bopping at all times.

•An experienced DJ knows what it will take to make an amazing party and not just a family get-together. Knowing what songs to play to keep the energy up is a coveted talent.

•Having announcements made with style and class. Plus, knowledge of when not to be on the mic - like announcing tables for buffet eating. 

•You can almost always find a DJ for any budget.


•An increased cost to the budget.

•Having trust in the DJ to create your desired type of celebration.

•Whether family and friends have a good time at your wedding is primarily in the hands of the DJ. Hiring an incompetent DJ could be catastrophic to the success of the event. 

Play a Spotify Playlist?


•Couples on a limited budget may not be able to hire a professional DJ. A Spotify playlist satisfies this scenario.

•You play exactly the songs you want in the desired order.

•Internet is not needed as long as you activate offline mode on Spotify.

•You don’t have to worry about hiring a DJ that is 1. unprofessional, 2. doesn’t show up, or 3. doesn’t care about the success of the event.


•Guests typically remember if they had a good time or not at your wedding. Having a DJ will exponentially increase the odds of everyone enjoying themselves by playing the right tracks at the right time.

•Someone will need to prepare the playlist.

•Will the playlist creator know what song will get guests excited and in a party mood?

•The playlist is set in stone. There are no switching song selections if guests are reacting positively or negatively to a specific era or genre.

•A person is needed to queue the playlist for specific moments of the wedding day (like formal dances).

•You will need a sound system to play the music from your Spotify playlist.

•This could include the use of an in-house system already available at the venue, Bluetooth speakers, and a PA System and speaker rental. I recommend you rent a professional PA System over Bluetooth speakers to prevent spotty connections.

•I am going to put this as a con to a Spotify playlist. It is the DJ’s job to work closely with the couple to create a memorable celebration for everyone. However, the success of the wedding should be only judged through the eyes of the couple. DJs have the experience and dedication to make that happen.

Details of an Experienced DJ

•If you hire a DJ for a four-hour reception, contemplate what goes into the four-hour event for the DJ.

•Communication time with the wedding couple with phone calls. texts, emails, meetings, etc. (2-4 hours)

•Building a music library. DJs cannot legally play music directly from YouTube. DJs must legally purchase their music for public performances (Big Bucks). Why not just play songs from YouTube? Besides the legal ramifications, there is a quality of sound issue. Basically, the songs sometimes don’t sound good through a sound system.

•DJ equipment including laptops, DJ software, speakers, headphones, microphones, furniture, lighting, and more. (minimum investment of tens of thousands)

•Preparation time includes assembling a pre-planned playlist, arriving 1-2 hours prior to the event, and not leaving until at least 1 hour after the event ends. Travel time to the event with loading and unloading time. Preorganizing the day’s events. (minimum of five hours to ten hours - also count in years of experience to know what songs work well together for specific crowds at designated moments)

•Splurging on an experienced DJ is better than having an unprepared DJ.

Details of a Spotify Wedding Playlist

•A premium individual Spotify account is $10.99 per month.

•This is required to not have commercials played during your wedding.

•Time is needed to review the optimal settings such as blending songs (known as crossfading).

•Click your profile picture at the top, and select Settings.

•Scroll down to Playback.

•Switch Crossfade songs on.

•Move the slider to select the crossfade length. (start at 3 seconds)

•Time is needed to create music folders for your wedding day.

•Time is needed to select all of the music to play during your wedding day.

Tips for Playing a Spotify Playlist

•Create music folders for your wedding day.

•Folder for ceremony

•Folder for background music

•Folder for formal moments such as dances

•Folder for party dance songs

•Consider the preferred eras and genres of music of all of your guests. Be considerate of their enjoyment at your wedding. Even if you love metal rock music, there is a way to tastefully incorporate it into your wedding day (there are many cover songs).

•Try to be more open-minded about the dancing time of your reception. Play party favorites during the party time for everyone to sing their heart out and dance to their favorite hits.

•As a rule of thumb, the worst song you can play is the one that no one knows (unless the song has special meaning to the wedding couple - then it is a must-play).

•Get song ideas and a wedding music checklist on MyWeddingSongs.com

Warning: Don’t wait until the last week before the wedding to create your playlist. Give yourself a month to plan out a playlist everyone will enjoy.

Duplicate your playlist with someone you trust with access to it offline as a backup.

A Spotify playlist can be ideal when:

• You having a "cake-only" reception.

• You’re inviting less than 30 guests.

• You’re not planning on dancing.

There is no right or wrong answer. Only you, as the wedding couple, can decide what you think is best for your wedding...and here's to YOUR amazing wedding day! ~ Dave ~

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